Prototype of Rookwood Vase

Rabbit Vase (sprigging on plaster prototype) ~ at Rookwood.

Honeysuckle & Hummingbird Moth ~ thoughts on carving a Rookwood tile

Honeysuckle grows wild on the hill where I live. Tangles of it grow up in the pasture fencerows, wafting perfume over the hayfields. In early summer it saturates the mellow night air with sweetness. Sometimes in the evening twilight you may see a whirring of wings, a little creature that looks almost exactly like a silvery hummingbird, but with a softer sound, almost no sound at all. It hovers in the half-light and uncurls an elegant spiral to sip nectar from the cascades of pale gold and white blossoms, then vanishes into the night.

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Leaping Rabbit

Leaping Rabbit, in bronze, made for Richard Hay's garden.

rabbit, sculpture, landscape

Recent Work

I'm living in two places, so it seems, these days, each with different art making. I spend midweeks as a visiting artist at Rookwood pottery in Cincinnati; the rest at home in Dandyland, sculpting and painting.

Choose Your Head Wisely

A short video by William Cox of clay heads being created for You Always Come Back. "Choose Your Head Wisely" written and performed by Dan Dutton.

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Continued on an Older Blog...

If you wish to read more about my adventures, musings and work in Dandyland from years past, you can go to my original blog, (which will no longer be updated).

On being an artist

“One of the most rewarding aspects of being an artist is that my life is my own. It can be really scary at times, and sometimes you have to go on a case of faith. But I can take responsibility for it and enjoy it because it really is my own. I’ve traveled all around the world. I’ve met some of the most interesting and amazing people…and some of them have become a very close group of friends. I’ve learned a lot about what life is like on this planet. I’ve hung out with tribal people and with rich people and I don’t even have a preference.”


— Dan

Dan Dutton Archive

Dan Dutton Archive website

Looking for something from the old Dan Dutton website? Enjoy a trip down the rabbit hole!

Dan's Music on iTunes

 12 Ballads CD Cover

"Beautiful, humorous and haunting, Daniel Dutton has taken some of the most ancient of music and made it his own. With a contemporary, yet sparse sound, these tunes would be right at home on college, eclectic, folk and progressive country radio. These ballads tell stories of murder, lust, pride, the suernatural, and natural order." — iTunes review.


Dutton began creating art as a small child (a painting of a bird on a chip of wood dates to his third year) initiating a life-time of production of visual, musical and narrative art. He began to sell his work in his mid-teens, constructing the first of two studios on his famly's farm at seventeen. His first museum shows, at the Berea College Art Museum, and the Speed Art Museum, were in the mid-80s.


My artistic interests are situated at the intersection of visual, musical and storytelling arts.


Traditional teachers: Joe and Cebah Dutton, Jean Ritchie, Minnie Mayfield, Chapel Wallin, Willenna Broyles, Chisato Ejiri, Oya Fumilayo, Kakuho Ohashi, Walker Calhoun, Oe Nobuyuki


A compete list of career highlights.

The Ballad Project

12 Ballads : (alternate versions; for 21C museum)

Barefoot Ballads; Disc 1 - Rose & Briar

Barefoot Ballads; Disc 2 - A Murder of Crows

Barefoot Ballads; Disc 3 - Pull, Pick, Pluck

The Secret Commonwealth

The Approach of the Mystery (coming soon)

Love & Time (live/video, available from KET)

Love & Time (live recording)

Love & Time (studio recording) now available on iTunes and from CD Baby.

The Road (live/video, available from KET)

The Road (studio recording)

The Changeling & the Bear (live/video, available from Kentucky Educational Television (KET)

The Changeling & the Bear (studio recording)

Other projects

Torch Songs (available April 2006)

4 Elemental Dances: Owl Music, Wading I Ching Garden, Wind Song, Bass of the Flame (studio recording)

The Best of Cowboy Dan (studio recording)

Cyclopedia (3 CDs, selections from 1997 to 1990

Data loss, Degradation & Noise: The Slugs (1974 to 1984)

About Dan

I live on a farm in the knobs of Kentucky, USA. My parents were farmers with strong artistic sensibilities. My father was a storyteller and singer who kept a pack of foxhounds especially chosen for their musical voices. This was in the days when the knobs were still a bit wild, and hounds could be loosed to run freely. The fox, my father informed me, was far too clever to be caught by hounds, and played them for fools in his game. He admired foxes and wouldn't have thought of killing one. The hounds lived in a noble state of denial. Fox, hounds, and father; engaged, as he put it, in "the sport of kings."


My mother was, and is, a prankster. She told me fairy tales in the oral tradition, freely embellished with subtle intimations aimed at influencing my behavior, and providing us both with amusement and wonder. Some of her pranks have been elaborate and tease the boundary of propriety and reason. I noted this creative freedom from a very early age, and began to mimic it with an aim toward the joy which mastery of such a craft provides. Both of my parents took great delight in song, word-play, curious events, the beauties of nature, and the foibles of humankind. This led me quite naturally to devote my life to art, a decision which I have had no occasion to regret.


My work is at once a satire on the artist's life, and a very sincere pursuit. It is unashamedly a rural and colloquial art, saturated in pretension as all the best of its kind must be. The finishing touch on the Omnichronic must be a skeletal one, I'm afraid, but I hope that you will enjoy this provisional offering. Art is nothing without conversation to animate it; so please, if you find something here of interest, do send me a message.